Zas! is in that category of something that break hard established concepts, making people wonder why it took so long for that to happen.

Why, after so many years, were we working with spreadsheets the same way people did with Lotus 1-2-3, considering the jump in available hardware and software resources?

What's new?

Zas! is a product that brings in itself the characteristics of our philosofie as software developers: extract from the platforms, be it hardware or software, the best of what they can offer.

That's why you'll find in Zas! many relevant functionalities that ease your work.

Zoom in and out, zoom window, drag tables, drag screen, copy/paste tables, select areas to view, all with ease and confort.

Try touching the screen to create tables and work with them.

Better use of mouse and touch screen

Advanced Concept


Spreadsheet as you never seen before.

Zas! - Spreadsheet of the 21st century

Better use of screen

Zas! let's you create and manage many independent tables that share the same screen, at same time, organized the way you want and need.

Have you ever thought about creating many small tables and organize them like a circle? With Zas! it is possible and, mainly, easy.